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Cosmic Perspective

A cosmic perspective makes us aware that our planet is part of an incomprehensibly large universe. The result is a humbling realization that can inspire a wonder and awe that allows us to connect to something bigger than ourselves. While it may not seem useful in dealing with our daily responsibilities, the truth is that we can benefit from this viewpoint in several ways. (Estimated reading time: 7 minutes)

Cosmic Perspective

Not everyone can spend time musing on the cosmic view of life. For the struggling artist trying to make ends meet, or the homeless person rummaging through trash to find an edible morsel of food, pondering on existential truths is a luxury.

Even citizens in industrialized countries need the right conditions to take on this perspective. A child raised in a school system, government, or family that inspires them to understand their place in the universe is more likely to see life through a wider lens.

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