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Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip NEW!

No road trip is complete without that trusty drink bottle. This vacuum-insulated, stainless steel 500ml beauty will keep your iced drinks cool and your hot chocolate steamy while you keep your eyes on the road. $75;

Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip

With a sense of old sportsman style, Massachusetts-based brand Ball and Buck brings a bit of class to your road trip lid. We love the waxed cotton which can endure a little precipitation and only feels better the more you wear it. $48;

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond go on a seven-day road trip from Venice, Italy, to Pau, France, in this special episode from the BBC motoring series. Along the way the pair visit the Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track and take to the road in Monaco.

After traveling for 1,500 miles, through four states and six national parks, we think we have a good grasp on what makes an excellent road trip. In addition to our own research and testing, we consulted with half a dozen engineers, mechanics, and other experts to bring you these picks. Our hope is that the recommendations in this guide will help you see more and explore farther down the road than you thought possible.

On our trip, driving in a car without a roof rack, we used the Keepers to great success. The straps held a full water jug to the roof of our Honda for a few dozen miles through the backroads of Arizona with no issues. Other Wirecutter staffers have owned Keeper straps for years and vouch for their overall strength and durability.

A highway patrol officer drove up, gave us a little lesson about sand, and pushed us out with no trouble. So things turned out fine. The beauty of a road trip is in the unexpected moments. You can be prepared for most of them by having a little food and water on hand.

A key summer road trip tip is to stock up on snacks and drinks. The hardworking road warriors we know not only work behind the wheel. They often eat breakfast, lunch and dinner behind the wheel. As you head out on the highway, look to these great options to stay hydrated and fueled up, plus check out a great tool for safe cell phone access while driving.

'Tis the season for planning a road trip from Montreal, as the cold weather has us seeking new experiences. If you love over the top Christmas decorations but hate stepping outside of the warmth of your house (or car) to experience them, then the perfect, brightly lit holiday village is waiting for you just over the border. 041b061a72


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