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Whether you want to spend a day hiking through scenic forests, enjoying a sun-drenched day on the lake or river, or experiencing Fall in the North GA mountains, there are numerous state parks that offer countless outdoor adventures.

Blue Mountain State image


You will fall in love with the mountain towns of Blue Ridge and McCaysville. Blue Ridge was once considered an elite health resort because of its pure mineral waters. It was established as a railroad town, with the depot at its heart. Visitors would ride the train to town, eat dinner and take a leisurely walk to the mineral springs after dinner. Today, visitors still ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and take a walk along Main Street, enjoying the antique and specialty shops, galleries, restaurants, small town atmosphere and friendly people. A river runs through the quaint town of McCaysville, twin city with Copperhill, Tennessee. Stand in both states at one time at the Blue Line, which marks the spot where Georgia ends and Tennessee begins.

If you have visited the state park and need your NC State Parks Passport booklet stamped after park office hours, a sticker can be requested by emailing the state park.

Located in Avery, Caldwell, and Watauga counties 13 miles southwest of Boone, Grandfather Mountain State Park showcases a stunning mountain known for severe weather and challenging terrain that has hikers scrambling along cliffs, gripping cables, and climbing up ladders. It also boasts an unmatched ecological diversity that has been recognized as a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve. The state parkland sits between privately owned Grandfather Mountain attraction (admission fee charged) and Blue Ridge Parkway trails managed by the National Park Service. 041b061a72


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