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Baixe TheHunter Call Of The Wild Build 08082022... !!HOT!!

In this country, with few exceptions, we have not studiedarchitecture with an eye to a national feature: on the contrary,our artists have copied the styles of all nations,from which designs are made to please the eye only,without regard to originality or the age in which we live.This cannot be called an architectural construction, butrather an adaptation of Grecian models to the buildingsof our own time. There is no originality here.

Baixe theHunter Call of the Wild Build 08082022...

A building may be well arranged for all purposes ofmere convenience, but in reality, if destitute of harmonyin its outward appearance, it cannot be called an architecturalconstruction. This remark will apply to thebuildings in our country generally, and equally, as stated,to those of England and France.

Perhaps there is no other block of buildings in thiscity that presents a greater variety of architectural incongruitiesthan does that wherein stands the Philadelphiapost-office. It may be called a picturesque view of brick,marble, and mortar thrown together without regard toorder, style, or harmony.

Apart from this statement, the author of this workcalled the attention of the agent to an additional item inthis calculation; and that was the travelling up severalpair of stairs, passing through long corridors and galleriesof large public and other buildings, to deliver letters to theseveral occupants, would make up an additional mile or twoto the above statistic of figures. Perhaps one good resultwill arise from the report which Mr. Briggs has made tothe department; and that will be to increase the numberof carriers, and add some twenty-five per cent. to theirsalaries. 041b061a72


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