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Chris Brown - Good Times (Audio) ^HOT^

Getting that many songs to a level high enough that Chris Brown couldn't bear to shelve any of them was no mean task, which involved Pigliapoco encouraging Brown as much as anyone else. "Chris goes into the booth, and if he's writing, he gives me tons of melody takes. I'll be pushing him for better melodies and takes all the time. Even if it's already be amazing, I may say: 'Hey, that's great, but I think you can do better.' Once we start actually cutting the vocals, he'll do a take and will ask me for feedback if he's unsure of how good it is. The thing is, sometimes things aren't perfect, but they may feel right. Everything in music is about feeling. You need to judge that. Many of the singers I work with are too focused on perfection.

Chris Brown - Good Times (Audio)


On the strong defensive play of late ... "I think part of the defense was just getting the puck out of the zone. And they had a strong forecheck going, and we turned it over a few times. We couldn't quite get it out as long as we wanted. So we didn't want to play in our zone as much as we did tonight. And even though we're talking about the third period, and even in the second period, we only generated three shots. I thought-- we had 16 attempts. We missed the net on our best chances, and we panned on a couple of good opportunities from the slot. But, nevertheless, our team had to play more in our own zone tonight than we have all year. And that was a great team in North Dakota. And they proved it. They just couldn't score. It reminds me of our team in '97 where we were the best team and everybody knew it, and we got upset too. So that can happen. The best team doesn't always win." 041b061a72


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