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My Little Pony: Make Your MarkMovie | 2022

Racing against the clock, they then head off to Zephyr Heights to attend the Wishday Carol Concert, which unfortunately runs way longer than expected. When it's finally time to leave, the Mane 5 find that the snowfall has become so heavy that they can't find the Mare Stream. With her detective skills and a little help from a book she borrowed from Grandma Figgy, Zipp puts together that the unicorns, not yet used to having their magic back, are accidently casting a spell when they say "frosty shivers" to each other. With this info, the Mane 5 journey back to Bridlewood to stop the holiday blizzard and barely make it back to Maretime Bay in time to exchange their gifts under the Wishing Star together. As the Wishing Star goes by, the Unity Crystals shine bright from the Crystal Brighthouse and send a rainbow up to it, creating a glorious light display in the sky over Equestria.

My Little Pony: Make Your MarkMovie | 2022

From its toy launch in 1983, MY LITTLE PONY has catapulted from iconic toy into a worldwide entertainment universe with multiple verticals including toys and games, licensed consumer products, publishing, music, a YouTube channel, digital gaming, live experiences and much more. In September 2021, MY LITTLE PONY: A NEW GENERATION launched on Netflix and introduced a new generation of ponies to a new generation of kids. The feature-length film became the #1 kids property at launch and was awarded the Common Sense Media Seal for Families. The movie kick-started a new era for the brand, with a focus on inspiring todays' kids to explore, express and celebrate what makes them unique. This new generation of ponies has its own fresh toy line and licensed consumer products across multiple categories, with a wealth of content set to launch in 2022. MY LITTLE PONY has aired in nearly 200 territories and over 350 episodes and three feature films have been produced.

Do our part, hoof to heart! Take the Girl Scout Make Your Mark Challenge with My Little Pony (PDF) to make positive impact in your community. Complete activities and crafting projects to spread friendship and happiness to everypony.

Let's be friends! With the ponies by your side, take the Girl Scout Better Together Challenge with My Little Pony (PDF) and take part in fun, interactive activities to help you introduce yourself to new friends, be a great friend to the friends you have, and combine all that friendship to make your community a little more magical.

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This is the big removal for My Little Pony fans. All eight seasons of the flagship My Little Pony show called Friendship is Magic is set to leave Netflix on February 1st, 2022. Netflix will shortly display a notice on the title saying your last day to watch will be January 31st, 2022.

In addition to Zipp Storm being a pegasus pony like her childhood favorite Rainbow Dash, Ramakrishnan also enjoys the prominence that the writers placed on Zipp's intelligence throughout the special. "Zipp has so much to her personality that makes her so strong," says Ramakrishnan. "She's ready to be a detective at any moment; she's super curious. So, yeah, she's like a little superhero."

Even though she's grateful for the Canadian solidarity, Ramakrishnan hopes that the broader themes of sorority and representation that My Little Pony: Make Your Mark espouses can make little girls worldwide feel equally connected. "The show [tackles] these very real issues," says Ramakrishnan, "they do it in such a seamless way that anyone can understand."

The health and safety of our guests and attendees is paramount, so our 2022 convention will be following all local, State, and Federal guidelines for health and safety at the time of the event. Masks are highly recommended, and wearing them may become required within the event space if any local or national epidemic make it prudent to do so. You can check here, or check for signs on the convention doors, for updates on mask and other health requirements.

The unimaginable has happened...Equestria has lost its magic! Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi are no longer friends and now live separated by species. But idealistic Earth Pony Sunny (Vanessa Hudgens) is determined to find a way to bring enchantment and unity back to their world. Teaming up with open-hearted Unicorn Izzy (Kimiko Glenn), the pair travel to faraway lands where they encounter the likes of charismatic and brave Pegasi Pipp (Sofia Carson) and Zipp (Liza Koshy) and the ever-responsible fellow Earth Pony Hitch (James Marsden). Their mission is full of misadventures, but these new best friends each possess their own unique and special gifts that may be just what this ponyverse needs to restore magic and prove that even little ponies can make a big difference.

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