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American Dresser (2018)

Upon his wife's (a beautifully preserved Gina Gershon) untimely death, a widower (a craggy Tom Berenger) sets out on his hog to look for America, from California to the New York island in reverse, and his 25 year old son by a former mistress, accompanied by his best chum and former comrade in arms in 'Nam, (David Keith). En route they speak and find every cliche' such a premise could possibly offer. Poorly written, directed, and self-starring, as the lone wolf tagalong biker stud, natch, novice Carmine Cangialosi. Veterans Berenger and Keith do manage to pull off some decent interaction as life-long intimates, but Keith's classical diction while spouting his hot-headed character's strained outrage sounds ridiculous coming from the ex army petty officer and inveterate down-n-dirty hog rider he's supposed to be, and Berenger also does some phony bits I can't believe he'd have done if he'd not been (mis)directed to. Somewhere in the middle Bruce Dern makes a brief appearance as a down-and-out former cycling badass.Yes, of course, they do ride through Monument Valley. And, from what I gather as a layman, only from the song over the credits, a "dresser" is apparently cyclist lingo for motorcycle.

American Dresser (2018)

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