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Our goal is to be an impactful Activist Group led by members of the community. We are inspired by the belief that the most impacted communities should hold the most power in building the solution

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About PG ChangeMakers

PG ChangeMakers is a people-led movement and organization that was founded after the murder of George Floyd. Noticing a gap in our community with issues-based campaigns not being led by Black people, PG Change Makers was created to ensure that the people closest to the issues are the ones building the solutions. We work to create safe spaces for impacted communities centering the leadership of Black people. We work on issues around police brutality, poverty, housing discrimination, food insecurity, and economic injustices, creating space for impacted people to speak their truth and assist them in building a platform to amplify their voices as well as seek practical solutions for injustices imposed upon them.

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Our Current Campaigns

We work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our campaigns as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Activist Group.


Reimagine School Safety

Police Free schools!

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Legalization Education Campaign

Ensuring that voters know about the facts of legalization.



Working to make sure we use our collective power by Getting Out The Vote (GOTV).

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Nominations Are Open!!!

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