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Community advocates have expressed outrage over the board’s inaction on important agenda items. The group "PG Change Makers" held a rally Tuesday outside the county executive’s office.
"I thought that advocates were heard loud and clear when they asked for the meetings to be resumed," said Krystal Oriadha, co-founder of PG Change Makers. "But again, it’s a slap in the face to move forward with resuming meetings, but to not put any of the items advocates have been fighting for on the agenda."

Also on Tuesday, community activists gathered in front of Alsobrooks’ office in Largo.
"Dr. Miller is an appointed member of the school board," said Krystal Oriadha with PG Change Makers. "She does not answer to us, but she answers to the county executive.

The community event was part of a holiday celebration organized by the PG Change Makers, a local group aiming to combat systemic racism.

Work group member Krystal Oriadha, who co-founded PG Change Makers after Floyd’s death, said she was pleased to see advocates’ demands make the final version of the report. But she also said she wishes the group had gone further on some issues — including setting hard numerical goals for reducing the police budget.

For months, members of the grassroots group PG Change Makers have been demonstrating throughout Prince George’s County. Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins spoke with some local activists who say they’re headed to Washington to support those marching.

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