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Closing the Racial Health Gap

Health, Wellness, and Emotional Wellbeing

This campaign focuses on the racial and social justice aspects of health, wellness, and emotional well-being in communities of color. PG ChangeMakers seeks to highlight the racial disparities in health and health practitioners, particularly within our county. We look to close the racial health gap in relation to health practices, services, and the overall well-being of residents of color through activism, community engagement, and direct support.

In Prince George's County, our residents face disproportionate health and healthcare issues. 80% of women in Prince George's leave the county to deliver their babies, seeking better care centers. Only 55% of women in our county receive prenatal care while pregnant, which is 25% below the national average.  Black residents with cancer face a 6.11% higher death rate than the overall county population. Additionally. in 2021, 13.2% of county residents have reported being unable to see a doctor in the past 12 months due to the cost of healthcare, which is 5.5% higher than the national average. Around 1,600 Prince George's County residents have Sickle Cell Disease, a red blood cell disorder affecting 1 out of every 365 African Americans. PG ChangeMakers recognizes the health afflictions and healthcare barriers affecting our community and advocates for the necessary changes to ensure health and wellness in our county.

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